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The objective of Moonspace is to promote cross-cultural exchange by showcasing and endorsing emerging and established artists from various parts of the world, facilitating a dialogue between different cultures.

Moonspace was established as a platform to foster cross-cultural communication through art exhibitions and to support emerging artists. Our goal is to facilitate the global presentation of artistic works. Though located in Houston, Texas, Moonspace seeks to connect with audiences worldwide and promote cultural comprehension and exposure to diverse arts.

Shiju Kurian, originally from central Kerala, India, has come a long way to attain his current status as a successful entrepreneur. He worked hard, persevered, and built international connections to achieve a respectable position from humble beginnings.

Shiju's love for art and culture did not develop suddenly, but grew through constant interactions with artists and frequent visits to museums in various countries. Over time, he developed a strong passion for promoting art and opportunities to globalize Asian contemporary art.

By creating this Fine Art initiative, Shiju aims to position Asian contemporary art on a par with global art, artists, and connoisseurs.

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